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The most common question we get asked is what to do about it – how do I adapt to the World After Midnight?

Well, we’re still learning. We’ve discovered a list of typical thinking mistakes, we’ve found some behavioural trip-ups, and we’ve also created some concepts, tools, and techniques for overcoming the most common challenges that the WAM throws at us. So we can be sure that what we propose isn’t just another mistake of thinking rationally in the Old World, we apply it first to ourselves – “drinking our own champagne”, I believe the expression goes, in order to get insights into how these new approaches work. We sell these ideas to our corporate clients in order to make a living. We also share a lot of what we do with our network.

My WAM links you to ideas, information, tools, and techniques which may help you personally.

Our WAM takes you to useful ideas for your business, organisation, or institution.

Since the release of Eddie Obeng’s TED Global talk we have been asked to provide a lot more information so we are in the process of rebuilding and updating the site (the pace of change has outstripped our ability to learn and act :-)   )

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Do you recongise this happening to your colleagues?

Do you recognise this happening to any of your colleagues?