About Us

Why do we exist?

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About fifteen years ago all the ‘Rules’ about how to run a business, organisation or government successfully, were changed or deleted and a completely new set of ‘Rules’ has been in operation ever since which means that we keep acting rationally in response to a world we recognise and understand but which no longer exists… Eddie Obeng

We’re on a mission to get the world to see reality and to teach the business world to adapt to it.

We set up the world’s first virtual business school Pentacle, to help executives, and leaders to learn how to adapt to this reality and to change the world for the better.. We teach  more human-centric and innovative stuff which works!  Our ‘virt-real’ (not virtual) environment which allows us to touch the whole world is called QUBE

We aim to help people and organisations survive and thrive in our increasingly complex, ambiguous and fast-changing world by providing them with the learning and ideas they need in order to adapt quickly.  Mostly we help organisations, businesses and institutions.

What do we do?

  • Provoke - Challenge your current thinking and practices but in a really enjoyable way.  You will have fun laughing at yourself
  • Inspire - Our tutors are engaging, energetic and nice people who genuinely want to help you make a difference
  • Educate - We’ve researched and created lots of tools, frameworks and behaviour guides to help you do everything from influencing when there isn’t enough time, to building a business case in less than a quarter of an hour, to planning a complex project you have no previous experience of!
  • Facilitate - We create the environment and the steps which help you put your learning into practice
  • Enable - We make sure that your actions and work yield real results and nothing gets in the way

How do we do it?

We use two things:

Eddie Obeng has developed an amazingly extensive range of concepts, tools, frameworks, suggested behaviours which really make a difference to helping people thrive in our World After midnight – There are some examples here and you can read more about them here

We use QUBE, our three dimensional learning and working environment to provide our concepts, tutors, a campus and collaborative meeting space for people to work together seamlessly (we also use the old 20th century methods of travelling, meeting people and working in classrooms – we have some cool ones – and visiting your place of work). If you’d like to become a qubot, download the QUBE 3-D browser App and join us for one of our events.

Download QUBE App for Windows 

Download QUBE App for Mac  

  Contact us for an Entry-pass 

What will I get out of it?

We call it Learning -To-Transform. It’s your journey of re-inventing and adapting.

Who are we?

Pentacle The Virtual Business School was started by Prof. Eddie Obeng who spends a lot of his time as his alter-ego cyberFranck, a big bright green boxy qubot (avatar).

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